One on One Style Consultation:

Laying the foundation for a successful styling process is important.  Therefore a consultation is to understand your style challenges and goals based upon your lifestyle.  You will fill out a style assessment questionnaire which will help me get to know about you and your style and style challenges. This will aid me into discussing what works for  you now and assessing your style challenges to bring out your inner fashionista.  This initial consultation will be the start of our new fashion journey! 

Closet Edit: It's almost like shopping your own closet! This is an opportunity to dig into what you already own. During this session you will try on current clothing, purging as we go and organize the closet of what remains. Items that are unflattering, unattractive or don't align with your style goals will be donated as you wish or discarded.  We will agree on which items will make it back into your closet. I will help you develop style options for everyday wear.

Wardrobe Evaluation and Overview: Sometimes we assume that we know what we have in our closets. I will help you find the hidden treasures. We will create exciting combinations with fresh new looks.  During this session I will outline the key closet basics you already have and what you will need to add. You will also get recommendations based on latest trends, timeless styles and your own personal style goals. 

Shopping List: Shopping through the racks of a department store or looking online can be a bit overwhelming. People struggle with figuring out what is a must have versus what is the best buys to maximize what is in their closet. The list will identify the key pieces that are needed to elevate your style goals.  

Personal Shopping: Identifying a budget that works for you to purchase pieces for your existing wardrobe. 

Personalized Outfit Styling and your Wardrobe Book:

Using the clothing provided from your closet, combined with your style goals we will create everyday looks for you. Looks will be put together and photographed for you as a  customized style guide for your everyday use. The provided style guide will serve as a reference when you get stumped. 

Virtual Styling: This service is for clients who do not live in the New York area and would like assistance in developing their personal style. Through skype session(s) we will discuss your style and create "customized" mood boards and I will compile a list of recommended shopping links. 

Lookbook/Catalog Styling: Are you a designer or boutique owner in need of creative services that will elevate your brand and heightened sales?  This service offers a style direction for your brand and will convey to your customers your new direction. A photo shoot will then take place to bring your products to life.  

Want to discuss how I can bring out your inner fashionista and leave you feeling empowered to take over the world?

Email me at and let's stylishly take over the world together!